Read what some of our puppy families have to say about about us.

Pearl June came to me in July 2020 from Macy’s third and final litter. The “candy” litter and how sweet she is! Like my first pup, she was brought into this world in a loving and caring home. The Paton family are hands on with these pups with love, training and care from the moment they arrive. By the time I brought Pearl home, she knew commands and had manners. Pearl is a complete angel and brings myself and everyone she meets so much joy.



We bought our third golden retriever, Diggs, from Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers. We could not be more thrilled with our decision to use this breeder. The love, care, and constant attention poured on the puppies was amazing. The puppies were not left alone in a barn or a garage, but well cared for in their home by the family. It was amazing to see the progress the puppies made as a result of this attention from the breeder. At just a few weeks old, they could follow commands, sit at attention, and come when called. We will definitely use Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers in the future and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a golden puppy that is well loved.

-Michelle Zumwalt, Folsom, CA



We have had a great experience with Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers.  We love our golden Zola, she is a lovely, friendly and happy dog.  Since we live quite a distance, it was so fun to watch the progress and growth of our puppy and all the daily updates on Facebook.  It was great to work with Tobi to sort out all the details about travel for our puppy, knowing that Tobi was thinking of the best for Zola.  So exciting when Zola finally arrived on the plane.  Highly recommend Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers and Tobi!

-Dorothy and John Williams, Vancouver, BC



You couldn’t ask for a more conscientious and caring breeder than Tobi Paton.  Tobi stayed in touch with us from the time we requested a puppy during Macy’s pregnancy through birth and when we brought Hazel home.  In addition to all the important details being spelled out and attended to, Tobi also interviewed us about what characteristics we were looking for in our dog.  The Paton home is a loving environment for the puppies.  Tobi’s children interact with the pups under supervision so Hazel came home well-socialized.  Challenging puppy games are set up for to encourage bright animals.  The puppies’ health is of utmost importance to Tobi from day one.  She relayed an article to us recently about the latest recommendations for Golden Retrievers food.  I have only compliments for Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers.  In fact, we eagerly await a 2nd puppy as a companion to Hazel!

-Valerie Nelson, Reno, NV



Emmy is the absolute best!! My most best friend ever! Thank you again for her!!!

-Megan, Reno, NV



What does one look for in a dog breeder? Considering that we will sign on for a commitment to our pups that will last for decade or more, this is an important question to ask.

Now, I’ve only owned 7 dogs in my life. (Do we really “own” dogs or do they own us?) Only 3 were purebred, coming directly from breeders, so I am sharing my limited experience.

Our experience with Tobi Paton and Grace and Joy Golden Retrievers has been the best of any by far. From the very first trip to meet our puppy, we were amazed at how the pups were fitting into a home environment. You have no expectation of that when you purchase a puppy from a pet store.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is all about the dog, isn’t it? What did we get?Sophie is now a little over 8 months old. She is the most confident, little puppy we’ve ever had at this age. I attribute this to the anti-anxiety training that Sophie got when she was just a few days old. I’d never heard of this technique – which is called “Early Neurological Stimulation” (ENS), but apparently it works.

She’s also the most loving, good natured puppy we’ve ever had, although still thinks of herself as a “lap dog” at 60 pounds.

Another example of a new technique is called “manding.” Again, something I’d never even heard of. Imagine a puppy wanting to interact with you who simply sits at your feet to let you know that she wants your attention. Amazing!

This idea that the breeder does more than just care for mom and puppies was a first experience for us. The fact that Tobi makes the continuous effort to learn the newest techniques has produced noticeable change in our pup’s behavior.

So, this is my official “THANK YOU” to Tobi and her whole family for giving us the next decade of joy with Sophie.

Lisa Rogers (mother of the groom) deserves credit as well. What a wonderful, dog-loving person she is!


Dave Schwartz, Reno, NV