Puppies on the Way!

45450060_10155542326861199_3329043689593896960_oWe’re excited to announce that Macy is expecting a litter on November 25! She wasn’t feeling great for the first couple of weeks, but her appetite is back and she feeling fine now.  I’ve started adding puppy kibble to her diet for some extra nutrition. She’s looking really healthy, and she’s still very active.  We can’t wait for the bundles of fluff to arrive.


Hello Golden Retriever lovers! Welcome to my new website. I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Tobi and I am the breeder of these beautiful animals.

First, a little background…. Up until now, all my Golden Retriever breeding news and pictures have been posted to my Facebook group. It’s been great to build a little community there, and I appreciate the connections we’ve built. But with time, I got frustrated with the limitations of a Facebook group. First of all, with Facebook, everything old gets pushed to the bottom and becomes hard to find. Secondly, not everyone is on Facebook. It was time to add a website.

This is just the beginning for this site, so please check back for changes and updates. In addition to news about my dogs and puppies, I’m planning to add information about dog training and nutrition, and dog related news and research. Fellow breeders and dog lovers, please feel free to send me stuff that I can share on this site.

By the way, all the photos and videos you see on this site are our dogs. No stock images here! Some of the best photos on this site were taken by the talented Lori Gambill. Thanks again Lori!

Stay tuned for updates and news, and if you don’t mind, could you drop me a comment below? Maybe then I won’t feel lonely out here on the World Wide Web.



golden retriever watching videosMacy’s been helping me with the website.