Growing fast

The pups are eating voraciously and growing fast. Macy is eating about twice as much as normal to keep up. I’ve had to loosen a few collars already and clipped nails.

We have also begun Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), which promotes stress tolerance and physical benefits. Read more about it here:

Sweet Rollo
Smallest and biggest, Pixie and Henry
Pads are black now.
Noses too!

Family reunion!

The other day we got most of our puppies together for a family reunion. Riley and Macy were there, along with 13 of their puppies and several dog siblings. People and pooches came from as far as Reno, Berkeley and Redding!

It was wonderful to watch the dogs play together, while the humans got to know each other and compared notes. There is a little variety in color and size, but each of our dogs have the sweet golden personality.

We enjoyed a potluck lunch at the dog park and snapped a few pictures. It’s not easy to corral that many dogs and try to get them to look towards the camera. We might need a professional dog wrangler for the next reunion.