Puppies having fun

Here are a couple of short videos of some recent fun for the puppies.

This is from a couple of days ago, when the puppies went outside for the first time. The weather was cool, so they were only outside for about 20 minutes, but they sure had fun exploring part of the back deck and the toys we have for them out there.


Here is a snippet of them enjoying their toy dangler.  It’s a new experience for them to engage with dangling toys, to watch the toy move, and try to catch it.

Two weeks old, eyes are opening

The pups are two weeks old and their eyes are opening! Last night our smallest one passed the two pound mark. They are all more than double their birth weight as well. They are getting stronger every day, and getting up on all fours and starting to walk. It’s been exciting to watch them meet so many exciting milestones!

Hello Greyson!

Amber knows how to get comfy.
Violet using mom as a pillow.