Puppies are here!


This evening we welcomed 8 beautiful puppies, four boys and four girls! They all look healthy so far and Macy is attending to them very well. A lot of folks on our list are hoping for girls, so we were a little worried when the score was 4 boys, 1 girl, but then the last three were all girls!

Here are their litter names and collar colors:

Bruno (brown), Jet (black), Indigo (blue), Ginger (orange), Greyson (grey), Ruby (red), Violet (purple), Amber (yellow).

More pictures in the coming days!

3 thoughts on “Puppies are here!

  1. They are so cute! Since your announcement was sent at 1218am you had a pretty late night! It is hard to be patient. I am sure I am the only one that feels that way. I want to share with all of you in the gandjgoldens family. We are so excited to once again have the opportunity to become a member of a family of goldens. I loved following them with all of the owners as they have grown up. Our precious golden, named Honey, was named because she had such a beautiful coat of hair that was the lightest coloring in a golden I have ever seen. We found Honey in a boat yard by Marina del Rey (SoCal). Her hair was matted and she was so skinny we couldn’t believe it. We took her to the Vet and he estimated she was about a year old. She cowered in the corner on her big pillow and I would lay next to her for hours on end and fed her right where she was. That was in July 1997. She became part of our family and we loved her back to health. We trained her to do simple things. She was definitely Daddy’s baby girl. She went everywhere with us. She was our motor home dog and loved to sit up on the recliner so she could see what Mom and Dad were doing and where we were driving to. She couldn’t wait for us to stop at a new RV park so she could sniff and mark her territory. She was the sweetest, kindest, smartest dog I have ever had. One evening in Nov 2009 Honey was laying under the recliner where she always stayed. That was so she knew when Dad got up so she could come with me. I noticed out of the corner of my eye she layed her head back and I knew something was wrong. I picked her up took her to the car and we headed to the vet. Unfortunately it was too late. She was gone. That was 9 years ago this month. Kind of ironic that the puppies were born last night. My wife Christine and I hope to be able to enjoy the puppy breath of one of this litter. We have prayed to find a breeder that was family. Thanks to Daniella for telling us about this family of goldens. Not a day, even after 9 years, do I go without missing my Honey! We had her for 12 years and were so incredibly sad when we lost her. I used to think that I was this tough old Marine until that girl we named Honey made me melt like a marshmallow. She will always remain on my heart and my home. She needs a “Honey II” to follow in her footsteps! Love, Ed and Christine Vandiver


    1. I am sure she will! I have waited a long time since Honey passed so you can tell I really do get so attached. Thanks for all you do. But since it has been such a long time I may need some help. Thanks again!


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