Puppies on the Way!

45450060_10155542326861199_3329043689593896960_oWe’re excited to announce that Macy is expecting a litter on November 25! She wasn’t feeling great for the first couple of weeks, but her appetite is back and she feeling fine now.  I’ve started adding puppy kibble to her diet for some extra nutrition. She’s looking really healthy, and she’s still very active.  We can’t wait for the bundles of fluff to arrive.

2 thoughts on “Puppies on the Way!

  1. I am so excited! Congratulations! Glad she is feeling better! Thanks for the update. Always looking forward to seeing progression of the babies through your gandjgoldens.com format. It gives everyone a chance to voice their own excitement in the possibility of having a new puppy to their lives. Thank you for the update! That is what makes you a premier breeder!


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