Exciting times!

Macy bounced back well from her last litter, and after checking in with the vet, we decided to breed her again.  Horray!

Riley spent this past week with us and the dogs were busy all week long.  They seemed genuinely happy to see each other, and within a few minutes were happily frolicking in the backyard. We brought Riley back yesterday and Macy’s been sleeping ever since. She’s exhausted, and I hear that Riley is too.

Riley is such a lovable dog, and we all enjoyed his company all week long.  He soaked up pets and rubs from our family and everyone who came by the house this week. He sure loves humans, especially kids, and was even respectful to our cat. What a good boy.

Nothing is ever definite, but if all goes as planned we are hoping for the next litter to arrive after Thanksgiving. I am betting on November 25th to be exact. I’ll be watching Macy for signs of pregancy over next couple of weeks and let you know when I’m confident that she’s pregnant. We’re crossing our fingers!

two golden retrievers.jpg

4 thoughts on “Exciting times!

  1. How exciting! Fingers crossed! Love the new website and the instant notification when you post something! Thank you primarily because I am not a very computer savvy guy and there is akways way too much infomation and opinions that we are forced to shuffle through to get to where we want to be like your posts with pictures and stories. I hope that I am signed in where I am supposed to be. Let me know Grace and Joy if I need to be somewhere else.


      1. Sorry to bother you but I haven’t seen any updates. Is everything okay? Please let me know. My cell is 916-765-9146 if you want to text me. Let me know if there is anything I can do.



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