Meet Juno

We chose Juno (formerly Kit Kat) from Macy’s third litter as our next breeding female and family pet.

She has a wonderful laidback personality and goofy, playful demeanor. She’s less ball driven than her mom, but will retrieve a stick or other toy. She leaves the balls for mom. She absolutely loves kids and they love her right back. She was the perfect addition to our family

She’s taller and longer than Macy, but still on the petite side. She loves the water and will just swim for enjoyment, not only to retrieve something.

We have to wait until Juno turns two (in May 2022) before her health checks can happen and we can start thinking about breeding. If you’re looking for a puppy, contact Tobi to join the waiting list. We will not have any puppies until mid 2022 at the earliest.

Six weeks old

Six weeks old means it’s time to get serious about all kinds of grown up things like weaning, car rides, manding and making friends with the vacume. They are weighing in at around 7 – 9 lbs, around the size of a newborn baby.

Today we ran an errand and six pups got to come. We also played in the puppy arena, AKA an empty swimming pool. They’re also getting playtime in the yard one daily basis. So many fun things to do!